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Why a marketer needs a CDP?

Why a marketer needs a CDP?

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a marketer-managed system that creates a persistent, unified database that is accessible by all the sales and marketing systems and customer analytic tools.  But I often hear:
Why do I need one? or
We have Hubspot (or some other Marketing Automation tool)
We already have Salesforce (or some other  CRM)
I do understand the genesis of these sentiments.  As a marketer we are already exposed to a long list of tools and technologies, 6829 to be exact (according to Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic of 2018).  But CDP is worth paying attention to.

The modern digitally connected target customers have completely redefined the relationship between brands and consumers.  Customers now use dozens of digital and physical touchpoints during their path to both online and offline purchases.  They expect seamless transitions between the various channels and relevant messaging at all points along their journeys from awareness to purchase .  To provide the engaging experiences consumers expect marketers to rid themselves of fragmented marketing stacks by creating a single view of the customer.  A CDP can integrate the functional and channel-specific silos into a single source of truth for customer engagement.

Marketers traditionally relied on have relied on data management platforms (DMP), CRM, Marketing Automation (MA) tools and customer ETL scripts/software for the collection and connection of information on their customers, in the form of 1st and 3rd party Customer Data.  This includes real-time, historical and anonymous identity, behavior, purchase and demographic data from cookies, device IDs, checkout baskets, mailing lists, loyalty programs, social media, etc.  But it is easier said then done.  It takes lot of time and effort to integrating various tool and technologies together build a marketing database that renders customers information all at once and on demand while being compliant with privacy and security compliance regulations.

As some one said, marketing operations is like solving a puzzle, except there is always more pieces to add (new data), scattered pieces (new data silos), different puzzle pieces (old/stale data).

A customer data platform unifies customer data across functional and channel-specific data silos into an always-on, always-processing customer profile available throughout the enterprise. It makes unified data easily available to business users at the moment of need, without them having to put in a request to departments that manage such information.

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