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Voice First Application as a Brand

Voice First Application as a Brand

Voice here, does not mean one to one interaction between humans through mobile and telephones. Voice or Voice First, here purely means, a personal assistant in the form of Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant with significant power to deliver services.

It is pretty audacious, how Amazon calls it VUI (Voice User Interface), so much so that at some point one may come under the impression, we are at a salient point in the timeline of industry [2] where voice is going to do to mobile apps, what mobile apps did to web. We believe it is partly true. Our deduction stems from the fact that web apps are still relevant. But looking at how mobile apps grew, our optimism for voice emboldens.

The presence of a smart speaker or a voice assistant in a household is a common thing. It is believed that 56.3 million [1] smart speakers have been shipped in 2018. This is 70% rise in growth, in comparison to last year and we are yet to visit holidays in 2018. Even though there are many players, Amazon and Google hold significant ground. But what does it mean to you. From the bird’s eye view, we believe business. Let us explain, how it can be translated to business.

Today for any brand, their presence in the form of a website or a mobile app is obvious. Many a times, it is these mobile and web applications driving the much needed sales. These interfaces provide ease of user engagement and hence the customer delight. However there are services that are much better served through voice than the touch. The number of times a user has to interact with a device for knowing something as simple as bank statement could be annoying. Here is a use case of Lyft [3]  where you can book a ride without even lifting a finger. Reputed banks are resorting to chatbots[4].

We at CollabRite, visualize something bigger than chat-bots. An application that can simultaneously speak with multiple Voice assistants to deliver innovative business services. Also, you can engage with a customer through voice in more versatile ways that only the owner or vendor or only you can imagine. But there are significant challenges in terms of designing an effective Voice First System that can cater to your customer’s needs with least amount of friction. Voice First Design has significant differences as against a web or a mobile app. Some business services through voice can be delivered with grit and flair.

Some experts claim, having an effective voice first strategy is inevitable. We believe, the time to capitalize on early bird opportunity is now. We here at CollabRite have designed a product Vagmi, with the sole purpose to explore this space. If you are interested in exploring the Voice First Space, we can provide a demo of what a product could look like.






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