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Data Protection and Data Privacy

Dual Pillars of TRUST, marketers no longer can ignore

Widespread access to customer PII has many effects including vulnerability to fraudprivacy invasionsobtrusive marketing

Core Offerings

Dedicated CISO

Beyond a certain size employing a CISO is a must. CollabRite will provide a CISO service to take responsibility for improving the lines of communication across the business when it comes to security.  We will help organizations from an immature to a strong security posture and bring real experience to achieving best practice.

Training and Awareness Programs

Implementing training and education programmes help employees to understand the risks posed by cyber-attacks as well as helping to reduce employee negligence.

Regular Security Vulnerability Audits

Establishing a schedule of regular assessments ensures that any security holes (vulnerabilities) in an organization’s infrastructure are identified and so that adequate measures are taken to guard against it happening again in the future.

Data Breach Response Plan

Should the worse happen, we will ensure that you have a threat response plan that is ready to be executed.  Pre-assigning roles and responsibilities that include people from right across the organization is the ideal way to move away from a siloed approach and drive a culture of security and ownership.