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Data Privacy and Data Security for Marketers

Data Privacy and Data Security for Marketers

Data Privacyand Data Security are two separate but related topics. Both are becoming more and more relevant to today’s Marketing professional. Attention to these dual pillars of trust can no longer be an afterthought.

Wikipedia defines the two as follows:

Information privacy, or data privacy (or data protection), is the relationship between the collection and dissemination of data, technology, the public expectation of privacy, and the legal and political issues surrounding them.

Data security means protecting digital data, such as those in a database, from destructive forces and from the unwanted actions of unauthorized users, such as a cyberattack or a data breach.

Data Privacy and Data Security are subject to an array of regulations and compliance standards that may sound like alphabet soup to many with acronyms like, PII, PCI, NIST, SOX and GDPR. Then there are challenges like Phishing, DDOS, Ransomware, malware, identify theft and data breaches. If this all seems daunting, I have bad news… IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.

Data security is getting more and more attention. Bad actors are getting more sophisticated. Regulations are getting more stringent. Regulators are becoming less forgiving. The public is getting savvier. Marketers are being held accountable for their stewardship of personal information.

These trends will only continue. Corporations are being held no only for their actions, but the actions of their vendors. Data breaches are a significant risk to your brands reputation, profitability and overall viability. How you treat privacy is becoming more and more important.

BUT THERE IS A SILVER LINING! Since everyone is becoming more aware, implementing a secure data platform is not only a best practice, but a competitive advantage!

How do I protect Customer Data? This all seems difficult. It is. Where do I start? Start with the right Partner. A  Partner that has security in its DNA. Security is not an afterthought. It is planned, designed, architected and implemented from the very beginning. We are a technology company that has always had security as a pillar of our offerings. Privacy and Security should not be an afterthought.

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