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Customer Centric Marketing Database

Single Source of Truth for Customer Engagement

Allowing marketers to send the right messages to the right consumersat the right time.

CDP Offerings

Collabrite employs a modular approach to analyzing core business areas to identify opportunity to breakdown competitive barriers and make companies more efficient and agile to compete in today’s competitive market

CDP Implementation

CollabRite can custom build a CDP platform or setup and configure any CDP platforms.  We will connect the SaaS systems, map the data and/or build data collection pipelines to your CDP.

Data Privacy Services

Attention to the dual pillars of trust (data privacy and security) can no longer be an afterthought for today’s Marketer.  CollabRite will lay the data privacy and security foundation to help you adjust your treatment of customer’s personal data (PII data such as names, postal addresses, email address, phone numbers etc) to meet the shifting regulations on data privacy.

CRM and Marketing Technology Services

CollabRite will help you Optimize your investment in CRM and Marketing Automation solutions to the fullest extent by setting up triggers, workflows, and integrations of various marketing technologies, including the CDP platform, to provide a single and consistent process for campaign management and execution.

Analytics and Algorithms

CollabRite will create a sophisticated cleansing and matching algorithms to provide high-quality unified customer profiles (Customer Golden Records) to support building progressive customer personas (unknown to known) for hyper-personalized customer interaction across all channels.